A Decentralized Oracle Protocol

Tellor is a transparent and permissionless oracle protocol for your smart contract to easily get any data whenever it needs it.


The protocol incentivizes an open, permissionless network of data reporting and data validation, ensuring that data can be provided by anyone and checked by everyone.

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Get any market data from any API(s).

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Get any data type you need.

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Protocol data is provided by a network of reporters running Telliot, an open-source reporting client.

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Update! New oracle contract deployed.

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  Today Tellor is deploying an updated oracle contract with some quality of life improvements. As you may recall, upgrades…

👷🏽‍♀️👋 hey tellor community, questions for tomorrow's dev call?

📥 ask here & we'll post the answers to youtube:

the weekend: exists

you: spending recreational time setting up a reporter for the tellor oracle network:


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