About the Protocol


You are only as decentralized as your data

Blockchains cannot natively access off-chain data (like API feeds or transaction data from another chain), so web3 projects have relied on their own methods of sourcing real-world data for their smart contracts. 

However, centralized points of on-chain data entry are increasingly vulnerable to manipulation, attack, and censorship – making a truely decentralized oracle a critical piece of web3 infastructure.

For an oracle to claim it is truly decentralized, the provided data needs to be protected & validated by an unrestricted, distributed network of anonymous reporters and secured with simple crypto-economic incentives. This way any kind of data can be provided by anyone… and checked by everyone. 



Built for flexibility

Any Data

Data processed as bytes = no restriction of data types reported

Any Chain

Simple architecture = simple application to any EVM Chain

Any Speed

Higher incentives paid = faster data reported

Any Time

Reporter network OR self report = liveness guarantee

Any Budget

Simple pricing formula & user set incentives = upfront feed costs

By Anyone

No whitelisting = permissionless reporting & disputing


Ready to spin up a feed?

Our documentation will help you get started. Stuck? We are here to help. 

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