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Our thoughts are with everyone in and out of the Tellor community affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, both directly and indirectly. This month has been a strange one and difficult for the entire world. The team here at Tellor is thankful to report that we’ve managed well considering, and our families are all safe and healthy. All in all we’ve stayed quite busy and positive.


  • 2095 (+335) Telegram members
  • 2533 (+577) Twitter followers
  • USA Customers can now trade TRB on IDEX
  • New Blockchain Brad interview
  • Inflation + Quorum Upgrade LIVE
  •, Real Satoshi, AMAs
  • New Content — Best Oracle Practices
  • New Listings — Hoo, Biki, Hotbit, Bkex
  • Gitcoin Grants
  • launch

Community Growth

Another month keeping the pace of steady community growth. We’re almost at 2100 on TG and 2500 on twitter. A lot of this is thanks to our Tellorian tribe who are constantly sharing, liking, and retweeting everything we do. Good stuff guys. Also, we are proud to welcome Teddy (@pmhee555) as our latest and greatest official moderator. He’s added a level of class and sophistication to our telegram that has been quite refreshing.

TRB on IDEX Open to US customers

This was a great way to kick off the beginning of last month with something that was a long time coming. As you can imagine, there was a lot more due diligence and hoops to jump through for this and we are excited to now have this option for our fellow American Tellor fans.

New interview with Blockchain Brad

Brad has been a bit of champion for Tellor lately and we appreciate him for that. Earlier this month Nick Fett sat down for the 2nd time with Blockchain Brad for a deeper dive into Oracles. Here’s the link to the video.

Inflation Decrease

The system upgrade that initiated our year long inflation decrease, as well as the adjustment to the quorum went live this month to much fanfare. We know you guys love some solid tokenomics and so do we. This shows the importance of having an upgradable system and we hope to keep adapting and improving as we develop.


We’ve been making a strong push into the Asian/Chinese community the last few weeks and we were happy to take part in these AMA sessions with BTC.COM, Real Satoshi, and Here are links to the Chinese language transcripts, sorry we don’t have translations yet.

transcript of BTC.COM AMA

transcript of Real Satoshi AMA

New Listings

Along with spreading our awareness into Asia comes the opportunity for TRB to enter new markets. We received some free listings this month from:




Best Oracle Practices

A New Article this month was a piece on the best oracle practices that we feel projects need to heavily consider as they develop their protocols.

  1. Oracle design and interaction must be a forethought in your protocol.
  2. Don’t rely on fast oracles.
  3. Assume your oracle can fail / be corrupted.
  4. Know the cost to break your oracle

Link to Full article.

Gitcoin Grant

Thank you to anyone who contributed to CLR match round 5 of the Gitcoin Grant. There’s still 1 day left in this round and all donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to Tellor development. Link to Tellor Gitcoin Grant. launch

While on the subject of funding, we launched this month. is a means for any TRB holder to propose and crowdfund Tellor related activities. The first two proposals we saw posted this month was the membership fee for joining the EEA and a video breakdown of Tellor by Interaxis. The Interaxis video was successfully funded for $200 worth of TRB and we should be seeing that video released soon.

V2 Proposed Upgrades

We just pushed out our V2 doc, outlining the scalability and security upgrades we are working on for Tellor over the next few months. To summarize, we are looking to increase the throughput and speed of data that we can handle per block, increase the power of our dispute mechanism, tip burning, and a few other interesting changes. For more info check out the doc here!

Meme of the month

This month’s winner goes out to Joey (@KittyHawkCrypto) AGAIN. You may say he’s a dreamer, and you’re not the only one….

Stay safe out there. Keep those hands clean.

As always, feel free to reach out anytime.

-Tellor Core