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This is a guide for how to “un-stake” your TRB when you no longer wish to submit data to the Tellor oracle. We will use Metamask wallet and a block explorer. This method is similar for all Tellor networks.

The process is simple. It requires calling two functions with a 7 day wait in between. After running requestStakingWithdraw (the first function), your tokens will be locked and no longer staked for reporting. After waiting 7 days, the withdrawStake (second) function can be used to move the tokens from the oracle contract back into your wallet.

Not sure how many TRB tokens you have staked? See “Step 0” at the end 👇

1) Navigate to the oracle contract for the network where your tokens are staked. A list of Tellor contracts can be found here. We will use the Goerli testnet oracle contract for this example.

2) Select the Contract tab, and click on the “Write Contract” button.

3) Sign in to your metamask wallet, and check that the active wallet address is the wallet that controls your staked TRB.

4) Click on the button labeled “Connect to Web3”. Click “OK” to agree to etherscan’s terms popup, and select Metamask from the “Connect to Wallet” popup. Your screen should now look similar to the screenshot below.

5) Select function 6. requestStakingWithdraw, and input the number of tokens that you would like to withdraw. Adding 18 decimals is required (see image below). For this example we will request a withdrawal for 101 TRB.

6) Click “Write” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

7) Wait 7 days.

Welcome back!

8) Repeat steps 1 through 4.

9) Select function 10. withdrawStake, click “Write” and confirm the transaction with your Metamask wallet. Once the transaction finalizes, your TRB balance should reflect the changes.

Step 0:

If you want to check how many TRB you have staked, head to the oracle contract for your network. Click the contracts tab, but this time select the button for “Read Contract”. Scroll down to function 16. getStakerInfo. Input your address and click “Query”. Your staked TRB balance is the 2nd line of the response.

If you’re using etherscan, you can click on the value for some help with the decimals:

That’s it! As always, feel free to reach out in the discord if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading 🤙