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Tellor is now live on Fraxtal!

About this deployment

Tellor is a decentralized and permissionless oracle protocol that securely brings any verifiable data on chain using robust crypto economic design.  We are excited to announce that today we have deployed to Fraxtal.  Fraxtal is an innovative EVM-compatible rollup powered by the OP stack, offering fast, secure, and cost-effective app deployment, enhanced by modular components for cross-chain interaction, a unique data availability module, and blockspace incentives that reward both users and developers through the novel Flox system, promoting engagement and development on its network.

By deploying the Tellor oracle and related smart contracts to Fraxtal, dapps on this network will now be able to integrate with Tellor and consume data that is reported and secured by the Tellor protocol.  We are excited to see what this brings to the Tellor and Fraxtal ecosystems. Tellor adds uniquely robust feeds to any ecosystem or market it supports – spreading a little censorship-resistance everywhere we deploy.

*This deployment of Tellor is identical to other EVM implementations with the latest version of Tellor.

If you’re a developer and you need oracle data for your Fraxtal based smart contracts: Dive into our docs to get started with integration, or join our Discord for more questions!
➡ See the Contracts Reference page for the full list of Tellor’s contracts on Fraxtal.