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The Tellor Data Feed provides a human readable view of all submissions to Tellor’s multichain databases in real time. The values are listed alongside the reporter’s public address with clickable links to the corresponding Submit Value transaction as it can be found on etherscan.

It’s always helpful for smart contract protocols to have front-end tools that showcase functionality, and Tellor’s permissionless oracle is no exception. Now there is a place to go to check Tellor network liveness at any time.

While undeniably beautiful, the Data Feed is more than just a pretty face. It’s also a powerful tool for TRB holding community members who want to help secure the data by initiating disputes on questionable values.

Data reporters on the Tellor network are required to stake TRB tokens, and that stake can be lost to a disputer when bad values happen. With the advent of the Data Feed, reported values are instantly and clearly visible for validation by anyone in the Tellor community. Disputing bad values does not require running any command line software. It can be done through etherscan. (Please keep in mind that new data types may not always show up correctly on the Data Feed. Double check the data before disputing anything or your dispute fee may be lost!)

If you are a TRB holder, or just Tellor curious, head on over and check it out at! As always, feel free to come talk to us if you want to learn more. We can be found on Discord here.

If you’re a consumer of oracle data or a smart contract builder and you don’t see your data being reported, feel free to request a new data type here.

And, thanks for reading!