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Tellor will be transferring its funds from the former Gnosis Multisig to their latest Safe wallet (formerly Gnosis Safe).

We have been using the original Gnosis Multisig since the beginning of Tellor in 2019 but many tools no longer use this version and have since transitioned to Safe. Using a multi-signature wallet that requires more than one approval is best practice for securing funds in the space. Safe allows for gasless approvals so it saves gas for executing transactions that require more than one approval. We will be transitioning on December 9th, 2022.

Current Tellor Gnosis Multisig: 0x39e419ba25196794b595b2a595ea8e527ddc9856

New Tellor Safe: 0x1B8E06E7133B89ea5A799Bf2bF0221aE71959190


Happy Holidays!