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When we set out to build Tellor, we knew we wanted to build a system that we wanted to also be a part of — we didn’t want to build a crypto ecosystem that didn’t fit our values. We aren’t a team that owns the majority of our token because we believe the holders of our tokens, the developers, and the stakeholders / customers of our project should determine the outcomes. The project stands for more than the success of the team and we are here to help it, not control it.

If this sort of thing strikes a chord with you, then you’re in the right place. Though you may be asking yourself, “What can I do?” or “How can I help?” Well, funny you should ask. It is the intention of this article to share the best ways we think you can participate.

For the Holders

Social Media

A super easy thing that you can do is just follow us on social media! We have a Medium you can subscribe to (obviously), a twitter, a youtube channel and website! After you are subscribed, be sure to like, retweet, or push others to join too, as it’s an awesome way for us to expand the reach of our platform.


Education is a key component of Tellor’s success. We’re an honest project, without the frills of the flashy token sales. To actually get users and long term success, we need people to both build and use applications that value censorship resistance, anonymity, and openness. A major part of our job as a core team is educating people on why decentralization is important. But we can’t do it alone. Anything you can do to help us promote decentralization, censorship-resistance, and best practices for DeFi is about as important as it gets, not only for the future of Tellor, but for all of crypto.

Moderating Social Channels

Right now, Tellor has a Discord, full of channels that all have active discussions, but we could definitely use your help! Welcoming new folks, answering questions, and engaging in discussions in a polite and well researched manner is key to growing Tellor’s community.

Outreach to projects

This one here is key for us. As a small team in a growing crypto space, we need you guys to help keep us informed of upcoming or potential projects that can use Tellor. Hopefully with our education and marketing efforts, projects will know about us from the start, but for many small founders and projects in different corners of the world, we need your help to identify them and get them using Tellor. So educate yourselves on what Tellor can be used for and keep an eye out for people starting to build.

Outreach to exchanges

In addition to reaching out to projects you think could use Tellor, also reach out to exchanges to list Tellor. If you use an exchange and you want to see TRB listed there, the best possible recommendation we can get for that listing is you telling them about TRB.


The one big thing the Tellor team decided early on is that we didn’t want to use the traditional alt-coin techniques of marketing. The scammy airdrops, meaningless partnerships, or promises of riches with the speculators in trading groups; these were all things we wanted to stay far away from. But that said, we still need to get the word of Tellor out there and the best way we do this is our community. On twitter, reddit, telegram groups, or even by word of mouth, telling people about Tellor or linking them to our materials is the best way to grow the brand we’ve built and we hope you’ll continue to further our approach as we take the slow and steady path to building an honest and well versed community.

Community Calls

The Tellor team does community calls every week to give you updates and answer any questions you may have. Either join us every Tuesday at 3PM EST or go to our Youtube to watch the old videos.

For the Experienced Stakeholders

Tellor bounties

Are you a developer or content creator? Well good news for you, you can earn TRB by helping Tellor knock out some very important tasks. The bounties was created to help incentivize parties who are part of our community to help us update certain codebases or do non-developer tasks such as documentation, writing articles, or even creating cool graphics or educational material. The bounties are flexible also, so if you’re building something and want to know if it’s eligible for a bounty, [email protected] just reach out!

Running a miner

Are you a PoW powerhouse? If you have some FPGA’s or an army of GPU’s or know someone who does, running a Tellor miner or participating in a pool is an important part of the Tellor system. You get rewarded with new TRB every block if you win the challenges and this can be an excellent way to help secure Tellor.

Checking for disputes/ validating data

The key tenet to Tellor’s security is that anyone can dispute bad values on the Tellor network. If you’re a programmer, you can run a dispute checker through the Tellor Miner, or if you’re not, we have a tool for viewing the individual data submissions in the Tellor system, The Dispute Center. Disputing costs TRB, but you get it and 1000 TRB back for every bad value you catch! Quickly catching bad values is a key piece of Tellor’s security.

Voting on Disputes

After a bad value is detected on Tellor, it’s important to decide whether it was a good value or actually a bad value. The voting can be done on The Dispute Center, so be sure to check it regularly and go there to participate in our token weighted voting!


Meme generation

Of course, as is required with all crypto, Tellor needs to keep its meme game strong. We don’t want to be strong armed out of our rightful place as the decentralized oracle of choice because we can’t go toe to toe as a meme token. So, get to it Tellor community!

For the future

Tellor is naturally an ecosystem. The more projects using Tellor, the more secure it becomes. As we begin to get users reading data and requesting values from the Tellor network, utilizing these projects is key to our success. We’ve built an amazing community of holders who know how to use DEX’s and understand DeFi like the back of their hand, so supporting the projects that use Tellor can make a big difference in convincing future projects to integrate Tellor.

As always feel free to reach out to us directly or through our or discord.