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If you want to show your support while avoiding paying gas voting on future Tellor proposals…  

You can delegate your voting power! Delegating means that you are assigning your voting power, trusting the delegate  to make the right decisions on your behalf,  and thus would not need to vote on any proposals or disputes to participate in the ecosystem.

For example, if you were to stake in the Tellor Treasuries, you would still benefit from the rewards, without needing to spend time/gas on voting.

How to Delegate:

Delegation can be done easily through etherscan here. Simply connect your wallet to call function ‘2. delegate’ as shown in this image:

If you would like to delegate to the Tellor Core Team, their multi-sig address is: 0x39e419ba25196794b595b2a595ea8e527ddc9856

Here is a video walkthrough by our very own Spuddy as well:

It’s important to note that delegating is not the same as voting! If you want to help with the Q2 Treasury proposal, the delegation needs to be done before the team address votes. Delegation needs to be done only once. If, in the future, you wish to “un-delegate”, the same function can be used to delegate your voting power back to the address that holds your TRB.

Again, thank you all for showing your support. If you have any questions we look forward to meeting you in the Discord! Have a great day!