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The first proposal for a Q2 Treasury did not pass. Unfortunately this was due to an error…the manual function that votes for delegated addresses was not run. This caused a significant under-count of total token-weight. Given that the community actually did show enough support to pass the proposal, we’ve decided to propose a re-vote! We recognize that this vote is extra, so feel free to reach out in the Discord if you’d like your gas fees refunded.

What is Tellor Treasuries?

Tellor Treasuries is a contract that rewards TRB holders who lock up tokens and participate in governance. Each treasury period lasts 90 days roughly corresponding to a standard financial quarter. In order to receive rewards, stakers are required to vote on all governance or delegate their voting power to an address that will vote.

Each treasury period is brought into existence through the Tellor governance contract by way of an on-chain proposal and vote. A quorum equal to 5% of the total TRB supply is required in order to pass the proposal.

Proposed parameters for Treasury Q2 are as follows:

  • Duration is 90 days.
  • Interest rate is 20% APR, which is equivalent to 5% over 90 days.
  • The amount of TRB that can be staked is capped at 100,000 tokens.

How to Vote:

Simply connect your web 3 compatible (Metamask or similar) wallet and enjoy the user interface that can be found here: Be sure to check that you are connected to mainnet (Ethereum) with your TRB holding address before voting.

If everyone who voted on last weeks Q2 Treasury proposal votes again, the new proposal will pass.

Again, thank you all for showing your support. If you have any questions we look forward to meeting you in the Discord! Have a great day!