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Tellor Treasuries is a special contract that rewards TRB holders who lock up tokens and participate in governance.

Each treasury period lasts 90 days roughly corresponding to a standard financial quarter. In order to receive rewards, stakers are required to vote on all governance or delegate their voting power to an address that will vote. 

The first Tellor Treasury is coming to an end on Sunday April 24th, and the proposal for Tellor Treasury Q2 is currently active. If you are staked in Treasury Q1, your address must vote on the current proposal for the Treasury Q2 to get the Treasury Q1 rewards (unless you delegated your voting power). 

Staking status aside, everyone** who holds TRB can help us vote in the new treasury. A quorum equal to 5% of the total supply is required in order to pass the proposal. The Tellor team currently holds about 3% of the supply, so we need some community support to make it happen!


Proposed parameters for Treasury Q2 are as follows:

  • Duration is 90 days.
  • Interest rate is 20% APR, which is equivalent to 5% over 90 days.
  • The amount of TRB that can be staked is capped at 100,000 tokens.

How to Vote: 

Simply connect your web 3 compatible wallet here:, then double check that you are connected to mainnet (Ethereum) with your TRB holding address.