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March 03 2020

This past month contained plenty of activity in the world of Tellor. Our community continues to grow and we are grateful for all the contributions, help in the channel, and efforts to spread the word. Now, let’s review this past month!

Last Month At A Glance

  • 1760 (+312) Telegram members
  • 1956 (+656) Twitter followers
  • Proposed Inflation Upgrade
  • Tellor in the wild — Interviews w/ Defiprime, Interaxis, and Defi Italy
  • New Content — Liquidity Article, Tellor Tokenomics
  • Tellor goes to EthDenver

Community Growth

1300 new members across all social channels this month. In particular we’ve seen a lot more mentions on twitter — word of mouth has been spreading about our little oracle with big potential. Keep it up! We certainly will.

Inflation Upgrade

A few weeks ago we announced that we see an opportunity for improvement and proposed two changes to the system to enable Tellor’s success: An inflation reduction and quorum adjustment. The block reward will be reduced from 5 to 1 per miner (27.5 TRB minted per block to 5.5 TRB) over the next year. This will reduce the inflation rate from 140% to 17%. As far as the quorum adjustment goes we will be reducing it to a 10% differential for upgrades to ensure that Tellor will remain safely upgradeable in the future.

Tellor in the wild

This past month, Tellor had the honor of being interviewed by Defiprime, the best of the DeFi focused media outlets in the twitterverse.

We were also featured on the Interaxis podcast! Interaxis are a great group looking to provide educational resources (articles, interviews etc.) for Finance Tech and DeFi.

Last, but not least, we had a great video AMA with @DefiItaly. These guys were at EthDenver and it was really awesome getting to know them.

New Content

We were itching to get this article, “The Delusion of Liquidity,” out for weeks, and were glad to release it recently. It was a pleasant surprise how well it was received by the community. You guys really do get our philosophy more and more we are noticing the synergies between us and you all.

We also had our first community contributor, Callan Sarre, publish two articles for us — Tellor Tokenomics and How to Mine Tellor.

Tellor goes to ETHDenver!

Tellor was present at EthDenver this year. For those that don’t know EthDenver is one of the largest Ethereum events of the year and largest web3 hackathon. It’s an ideal venue to meet users face to face, team up with them on a project, and just enjoy being at the epicenter of Ethereum and perhaps bump into Vitalik. This event was the most successful networking event for us since Devcon 5 last year; lots of buzz about oracles, and lots of interest in meeting with Tellor.

Meme of the month

This month’s winner goes out to Joey (@KittyHawkCrypto). What a lovely propaganda style graphic!

Keep fighting the good fight!

As always, feel free to reach out anytime.

-Tellor Core