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We are very excited to announce that Binance Labs (Binance’s VC arm) has invested in Tellor and for the last 4 weeks Tellor has been in Berlin as part of the Binance Labs Berlin Chapter. We are honored to be a part of the Binance family and have been taking full advantage of this opportunity to make Tellor the best it can be.

. . .

So what have we been up to out here?

Well, we’ve been very hard at work finishing development and gearing up for mainnet launch (we are up on Rinkeby!). We’ve had the opportunity to learn so much from many experienced crypto developers and founders who’ve held private AMAs with us and served as mentors to us along with the other teams in the Berlin Chapter. Speaking of the other teams: shout-out to PhishfortDune Analytics, Maverik, and Keylabs, you guys are all doing great things and it’s been inspiring for our team to share in this process with you.

And we must mention the Berlin community.

This city really is a hot bed for crypto development and the meetups here have been full of top minds in the space. We will miss you!

What’s Next?

Tellor will be coming to SF for the final 3 weeks of Binance Labs Season 2! There we will be finalizing all our hard work and preparing to proudly share our oracle solution with the decentralized world.

Keep an eye out for much more coming soon.

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