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It’s that time of the year again for a year in review and time flies when you #buidl.  I know for many 2022 will be looked back through the prism of a deep bear market, gains lost, protocols going down, and plenty of FUD on cryptotwitter.  But on the bright side, bear markets are when the projects who are really building something long term and resilient get more noticed.  And that happened for us in 2022.  

Whether you are new to Tellor or a seasoned community member, I hope this review serves as a great reflection of the highlights of our year.

Let’s jump in!


Coming hot off the heels of our first marquee user integration (AMPL) and a launch of our biggest upgrade (Tellor X) the team and protocol were poised for a strong 2022.  We began in earnest our efforts to expand the Tellor oracle beyond Ethereum mainnet.  We issued the first Tellor Treasury contract and participated in two major in-person events.  


2022 was all about flexing Tellor X’s potential but we never rested on our laurels.  We embraced the iterative development methodology and quickly began planning on the next upgrade, Tellor 360, which became a major focal point for our developmental efforts for 22. 

Alongside 360 development we began refining the process for supporting new data types and spot prices ensuring reporters can meet demand.  Additionally we built out support for listening for tips and rewards through the AutoPay contract.  Here are some highlights from Q2:


By July 360 code was completed, tested, sent off to a third-party audit.  Over the rest of the quarter Tellor 360 would be finalized and prepped for launch! 


We rounded out the year very strong with launching Tellor 360, Sponsoring our biggest outreach event ever with EthSanFrancisco, attending Devcon in Bogota, two new user integrations, RAI and BonqDao, and a major push for deployments on several other EVM Chains.  


As you can see we had a productive year and hope you enjoyed the review.  We look forward to continuing our progress in 2023.  Happy New Year!