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Welcome to a pivotal moment in the evolution of oracles and the Tellor ecosystem. As we approach the first anniversary of embarking on the ambitious project that is Tellor Layer, it’s time to peel back the curtains and share a deeper look into the architectural backbone that promises to redefine our protocol. We’re talking about the Architectural Decision Records (ADRs) — the detailed documentation of the main technical decisions that are shaping the future of Tellor as a decentralized oracle protocol.  

What are Architectural Decision Records (ADRs)?

ADRs are a systematic way to capture and communicate critical decisions regarding the software architecture that affect the structure and functionality of our oracle chain, Tellor Layer. These records are not merely technical documents; they are a narrative of our journey, reflecting the choices we make and the rationale behind them. Each ADR addresses a specific aspect of the architecture, from tokenomics to data bridging, ensuring that every piece of the Tellor Layer is transparent and understandable.

Why Do We Use ADRs?

The use of ADRs in developing Tellor Layer helps maintain a consistent and coherent architectural strategy. They serve as a reference point for current and future developers, allowing them to understand the “why” behind certain decisions. This clarity is crucial in a decentralized project like ours, where collaboration and alignment on vision and execution are key to success.

Why Share Them Now?

As Tellor Layer moves closer to completion, sharing our ADRs openly becomes vital. It allows the community, potential contributors, and stakeholders to engage deeply with the technical foundations of the project. Transparency in our process not only builds trust but also invites feedback and collaboration, helping us refine and perfect our architecture.

Why Should You Read the ADRs?

Whether you’re a developer, a Tellor community member, or simply a blockchain enthusiast, the ADRs offer a treasure trove of insights. They provide a clear view of how decentralized technologies can solve real-world problems, and how thoughtful, scalable solutions are designed from the ground up. By understanding our ADRs, you’ll gain a better appreciation of the complexity and innovation that goes into building a robust oracle chain.

Follow Along and Dive Deeper

The journey doesn’t stop here. We invite you to follow along as we unfold each ADR in detailed threads on our X account over the coming weeks. This will be your opportunity to engage with the architects of Tellor Layer and ask questions directly.

For an immediate deep dive, all our ADRs are openly available on our GitHub repository. We encourage you to explore and comment. Your insights and feedback are invaluable as they help us refine our approach and ensure our architecture meets the needs of our users.

As we look towards the next phases of development, your engagement is more crucial than ever. The ADRs are not just documents; they are insights into the complex process of building a chain, an oracle, and a more decentralized future. Stay tuned, and let’s explore this evolving landscape together.