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For those new to Ethereum and similar smart contract networks, there are Mainnets, and there are public testnets. These testnet networks serve as testing grounds for protocol and smart contract developers to evaluate protocol updates and potential smart contracts in a setting that closely resembles a live environment, prior to Mainnet deployment.  Think of it as staging before going to production.

It is crucial to test your contract code on a testnet before launching it on Mainnet. Most dapps that interact with existing smart contracts usually have duplicates deployed on testnets for this purpose and so it’s pivotal that key oracle infrastructure is also deployed where these dapps are testing.

Due to the deprecation of Goerli and Sepolia is now Ethereum’s recommended tesnet for dapp development.  So we are happy to announce that Tellor has now deployed to Sepolia testnet!

If you are testing on this network feel please reach out in our discord for direct assistance.

Need testnet TRB?

Tellor on Sepolia Contracts: