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We are proud to announce the successful audit performed by CertiK.

CertiK, is the leading blockchain security company, founded by Computer Science professors from Yale and Columbia University. They pioneered using Formal Verification technology to perform comprehensive mathematical computations that are able to identify undetected vulnerabilities in a project’s source code, offering suggestions to prevent issues before they occur.

We believe security is a requisite to a functioning decentralized network, especially in DeFi applications, where there is a lot of money riding on data points. We believe Tellor can solve a key point of failure in the DeFi space by providing access to decentralized off-chain data and eliminating the need for trusted 3rd party oracles. So we designed an oracle system and structure that could deliver on that promise. But no matter how good our design is, we are only as secure as our underlying code. We knew that we had to find a team which was up to the task of ensuring that our code was sound, and CertiK had our confidence. Ultimately, CertiK gave us the peace of mind that we were launching to mainnet with a secure product.

“We are proud to have successfully audited Tellor, a fellow member of the Binance Labs family,” said Daryl Hok, COO of CertiK. “Because security is so crucial in the adoption of DeFi applications, we feel confident knowing innovators like Tellor have prioritized creating a safer ecosystem.”

For more details about the findings and success of Tellor’s audit, please see CertiK’s case-study on Tellor.