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This month was a time of incremental improvements as well as the start of some development work that’s really exciting. Here’s your monthly update:

Last Month At A Glance

  • 1440 (+400) Telegram members
  • 1300 (+300) Twitter followers
  • Decentralized Club AMA
  • New Articles
  • Miner Pool
  • Automatic Disputer
  • Documentation Improvements
  • Cross Chain Design Proposal
  • Consensys Mentorship

Our Community Continues To Grow

We’ve grown our community by around 800 members this month across TG, Twitter, and Discord. Apart from all the new faces, we’ve also seen a ton of member activity, engaging, asking and answering questions, and welcoming all newcomers to the community. Keep up the good work guys! We’ve also seen a new unofficial and community run channel called “The Tellorians.”

Decentralized Club AMA

We had another AMA in January and it was a pleasure meeting new people and sharing as much as we can about what we are doing and why. If you’d like to read the Q&A here’s the transcript.

New Articles

Two new pieces of published content that we are proud of sharing were written this past month: Our Belief and Future Vision, and Crawl Walk Run. Enjoy and don’t forget to clap!

Miner Pool

Community member @shepardblue built a mining pool and it’s now up to 16 members. If you’re interested in mining in the pool, please join our miner channel in the Tellor discord.

Automatic Disputer

We released something that makes Tellor more secure! The automatic disputer is a way for parties to fact check submitted tellor values and flag them for dispute without having to do this manually.

Documentation Improvements

Not the flashiest of updates, but things like this are the hallmarks of quality projects and support adoption and usage. We want to make sure we maintain high standards and our docs have come a long way in the last few months.

Cross Chain Design Proposal

We released the initial cross chain design proposal to the community. In this proposal we outline our ideas and plans for implementing an alternate chain Tellor Oracle.

Consensys Mentorship

As you all know we are Consensys grantees since Devcon last fall. In addition to the grant funds, Consensys have been really great in supporting us in other ways, including a mentorship program. We’ve shared with them milestones in our roadmap and have had regular support meetings with them to progress check. They’ve also hosted private AMAs for the grantees with some of the best marketing and tech minds in the space. Very helpful!

Lots to look forward to for February so stay-tuned. Also, our dear Mike (@banjoski) will be headed to EthDenver in 10 days so if any of you are out there be sure to say hi.

And last but not least….

Meme of the month

This month’s winner goes out to @blokceyn ….All hail Brenda!

As always, feel free to reach out anytime,