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Tellor is a flexible oracle protocol that allows anyone to define new data types, known as query types, to fit their unique needs. A query type is laid out in a data specification document, providing a blueprint for reporters, users, data validators, voters, and all other participants to understand the precise nature of the expected data. Although these specifications aren’t directly tethered to the protocol code, they play a critical role in making Tellor operational by guiding stakeholders towards a subjective “soft” consensus.

Historically, data specification documents have been hosted on GitHub. While this platform has sufficiently enabled stakeholders to reference specifications as needed, it has also placed the source of this soft consensus partially under the control of both GitHub and the Tellor organization. To further decentralize the source of this consensus, the Tellor team has been developing an on-chain registry.

With this registry, users can register their query types and link them to a document hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Transitioning data specifications from GitHub to an on-chain registry, complemented by IPFS document hosting, enhances stakeholder confidence in the integrity of the data specifications. It also ensures the protocol isn’t reliant on a single entity to host this crucial information.

We have rolled out the registry on the Sepolia testnet for evaluation, with the official production launch on the horizon.

Stay tune for a more detailed article on the on-chain registry in the near future!