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We’ve been hard at work preparing for this moment, and we’re excited it’s here.  Please read on if you want to know more about the goals of this upgrade and how you can participate to make it happen.

The vote for Tellor360 is Now live!

This vote is the last governance-voted upgrade to the Tellor system. The vote will be open for 7 days from today Oct 25th, and will end on Tuesday, Nov 1.

Tellor360 will be a very important upgrade to the Tellor system. Although the changes aren’t many, or complex, they are powerful and meaningful.

What Tellor360 means for Tellor

TLDR:  Tellor is now the only immutable decentralized oracle, now with any easy to onboard, unified structure across any EVM chain.

The upgrade to Tellor360 greatly simplifies our system and aligns with our push to be an unbreakable protocol.  This will be the last governance controlled upgrade as Tellor360 removes upgradability, greatly reducing the attack surface area for the Tellor system; governance attacks in particular.  By removing upgradeability, any attack on governance will only affect a given data feed and not the system as a whole. Beyond that, this upgrade also unifies how Tellor operates across EVM chains.  This can’t be understated as it greatly streamlines the user experience, documentation, and tutorials for participating with and using Tellor, ultimately making it much easier for users to onboard onto any chain.

For more details on the changes in Tellor360 please read our more detailed blog on it.

How to Vote to Make Tellor360 Happen

This part is easy.  Provided you hold your TRB tokens in a self-custodied wallet (i.e. Metamask or Ledger) prior to the token balance snapshot that occurred at the start of the vote, then all you’ll need to do is connect to our voting page and follow the instructions.  


Vote here: