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Today Tellor is deploying an updated oracle contract with some quality of life improvements. As you may recall, upgrades to the now previous oracle contracts are impossible as of the Tellor360 upgrade, so this update is effectively a fork of the oracle contract.  Given its proximity to the Tellor360 upgrade and the fact that no users have yet had a chance to integrate Tellor360 yet, we had a unique opportunity to deploy a new oracle contract with some updates without affecting our users. 

Oracle data continuity will not be affected. We are working with users who are actively developing integrations to ensure that the contract changes are accounted for.  We have a number of new users integrating soon so this is an exciting moment for us.  

The updates are as follows:
  • Added voting on multiple disputes in one transaction
  • Capped the dispute fee at stake amount

Important Message For Reporters:

At the time of writing the old oracle contract holds about 12,000 TRB that will continue to unlock slowly as time-based rewards. These rewards will run out on Wednesday, April 20, 2023. Please connect to the old oracle contract and call requestStakingWithdraw for your entire reporter stake by Tuesday, April 13, 2023, so that you can withdraw before the old oracle contract’s time-based rewards run out. The procedure for un-staking can be found here